Charlotte's Web Newspaper

Charlotte’s Web Newspaper Assignment:

Due: Friday, November 2nd

A typical newspaper article includes these parts:

  • Headline: A short, attention-getting statement about article, usually in bold or big letters
  • Byline: author of the article (you!)
  • Hook: short (but longer than the headline) attention-getting sentence or two, that will pull readers into the story, to want to read more.
  • Main Paragraphs: Facts, details of the event, descriptions of people involved and may include direct quotes from eyewitnesses.

Students should pretend they are a news reporter visiting the Zuckerman Farm. Students should tell the main characters and events involved in chapter 11 “Miracle”. It would be great if they included interviews with the characters. **Remember, they are supposed to be there reporting from the farm.

Use the papers attached to neatly write your rough draft, and then newspaper outline to write your final draft. Please have a parent or adult proofread your newspaper before you start your final draft. You will not need to turn in the rough draft.

You will be graded on: spelling, punctuation, penmanship, content and completion of the project.